CH Group



Founded in 1998, the CH Group is a group of consulting companies headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, with presence in over 70 countries, through a network of associated offices and partners.

We have global operations and an offer of integrated, multi-sectorial and highly specialized consulting services. We offer specialized consulting and technical assistance to public and private institutions in a wide range of fields, from economic and social development to practical support to organizations.

With more than 400 active clients in the private, public and voluntary sectors, we serve all types of organizations with an integrated offer of competencies. Our client portfolio includes some of the most reputable national and multinational brands, public institutions, the main Portuguese business associations and some of the best known international financial institutions.

With an accumulated experience of over 23 years in the management of public, national and international programs, we are proud of the high approval rates and results achieved in more than 2,000 funded projects we have developed, mostly supported by European Union community funds.

For projects funded by donors and development finance institutions, we hold a portfolio of more than 66 shortlisted expressions of interest in 33 different nations, of which 20 were winning proposals

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The way we manage business and define our strategies reflects the best practices of "responsible business". We believe that the exercise of responsible leadership, with great concern for sustainability, has contributed directly and indirectly to value creation for various stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and community).

Responsible business


sharing model

Our business model is based on a formula for value creation, which we share with all the companies in the Group.

value sharing model

We are integrated in a global knowledge network, which brings together business partners, universities, research centers, and excellence in various fields of knowledge, in different parts of the globe.


Choosing the best and most qualified people, able to respond positively to the challenges and specificities of each project, anywhere in the world, is our mission. We work with the best experts in each area of domain.

Risk Management

Monitoring and risks management is essential to projects success, so we have implemented our own risk management system. Our team is part of the Technical Normalization Committee of the international standard ISO 31000 - Risk Management, for Portugal.


Innovation is part of the genetic matrix in the CH universe. We are associated with COTEC Portugal, an institution focused on promoting innovation and business technological cooperation. The main purpose of this institution includes predicting and in-depth thinking on key issues of innovation with an impact on the competitiveness of companies, putting forward collaborative platforms and networks to influence and improve public policies on innovation.


We share the best international management practices, adjusted to the context and specificity of each organization and project. The permanent sharing of experiences and teachings, within our international network, is an element that distinguishes our approaches.


We deliver to our clients the energy and enthusiasm that distinguishes our corporate culture and makes the projects in which we are involved in distinctive.

Project management

Our solid experience in the implementation of consulting projects has allowed us to develop a set of widely tested methodologies, in line with the highest international quality standards. Our project methodology is based on the combination of the main international references of project management: the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the International Project Management Association (IPMA), having consultants certified in both references.
We use a project management platform called SOAPP that allows the permanent monitoring of all project activities, timelines and milestones being an essential tool for a professional management
We are members of APOGEP - Portuguese Association of Project Management.


business drivers

Global Acting

We operate globally, through an extensive network of associated offices and partners, in permanent growth.


Quality is an essential requirement in all our processes. Since 2010 we have implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with international standards 9001 and 14001 (Management and Environment) and Portuguese standard 4427 (Human Resources).

The Best People

Voted several times as the best company to work for in Portugal and in Europe (13th), we have a human resources policy that seeks to attract and recruit the best people and talent. Our training and career management policy allows us to develop and enhance our human capital.


The search for excellence is constant in all our processes. More than two hundred awards and recognitions won, nationally and internationally, in sixteen different practices, shows our obsession for excellence and the integrated view we have from Organizations.

Capital Venture

We actively support the entrepreneurial ecosystem through venture capital. NAVES is a venture capital firm established in late 2007 as an initiative of AESE Business School, the associate school of IESE Business School (Spain) in Portugal, in order to support preferentially the best entrepreneurial initiatives of AESE Business School’s students and Alumni.


We are founding members of the business incubator STARUP LEIRIA, since 2004. This organization's mission is to promote and support companies and entrepreneurs in the creation of value and growth, in an agile and sustainable way.



We are a solid financial business group.

The most relevant banking institutions in the country are our financial allies, and at the same time, they are also our business partners and clients. Throughout more than 23 years of existence, they have unconditionally supported all our investments.

Since 2008 we have been distinguished with the status of “PME Líder” (SME Leader), a seal of business reputation created by IAPMEI - Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, to distinguish Portuguese SMEs with superior performance, based on the best ratings and economic and financial indicators.

Our size and financial robustness is expressed in the following indicators (2020):

  • Assets of the company - 6.196.409,00€
  • Equity capital - 3.996.489,00€
  • Shareholder equity ratio - 64%
  • Bank Financing - 9%
  • Turnover - 3.307.271,00€
  • EBITDA - 410.846,00€