Kwl Consulting


we are

We are a Portuguese consultant specialized in the design and implementation of organizational development projects, supporting companies and organizations, public and private, in the definition and carrying out their strategies in four major areas:

  • • Innovation
  • • Agriculture
  • • Environment and Sustainability
  • • Process Management

To support organizations in the project implementation phase, we also ​​specialize in Project Management.


we do

We add value to Organizations by combining the following areas of expertise

  • • Studies
  • • Consulting
  • • Training
  • • Technical Assistance
  • • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • • Project Management


we do

We design tailor-made solutions, adjusted to the challenges and problems of each organization and sector in which it operates.
After an in-depth analysis, we identify the required knowledge and skills. We bring together the appropriate tools and processes, which we will monitor throughout the project, in accordance with good international project and risk management practices.
We add the necessary dose of innovation to build a unique and differentiated project and join the enthusiasm, which defines our organizational DNA.

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we operate

We operate globally, through a vast international network of associated offices and partners, which allows us to maintain proximity and knowledge of each reality, crucial factors for the success of projects.


value offer

Our “Value Proposition”, distinguishes us by the following attributes:


We guarantee access by sharing of the most up-to-date knowledge, maintaining permanent contact with academies and specialization centers, all over the world.


We create project teams with the profile and skills adjusted to each challenge, mobilizing experienced, senior and highly motivated people.


We have solid experience and concrete results, in numerous segments and fields of activity, proven through hundreds of successful projects.


We look at projects from all angles and perspectives. We set up a diversified portfolio of skills which are constantly updated, following the evolution of our customers' needs.


We share the best international management practices and standards, adjusted to the context and specificity of each organization and project.

Global Acting

We operate at a global scale, through an extensive network of associated offices and partners, which allows us to think globally and act locally.


We deliver to our clients the energy and enthusiasm that distinguishes our corporate culture.