We are a consulting firm specialized in the design and implementation of organizational development and capacity building projects, supporting companies and organizations, both public and private, in the definition and carrying out their strategies. We operate in four main areas:






Environment and Sustainability


Process Management



We are part of the CH Group, one of the most important Portuguese consulting groups, with global operations in over 70 countries, through a network of independent firms.

The title of the most awarded consulting firm in Portugal, with more than 200 national and international awards and recognitions, is one of its main highlights. Several times elected as the best company to work for in Portugal.

More than 2,000 projects successfully completed.

Solving problems by sharing the best management practices is our purpose, helping organizations, sectors and countries to overcome their biggest challenges.



We support our customers with an offer of integrated services, covering the following portfolio:

  • Studies
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Technical Assistance
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Project Management


Find and implement appropriate solutions to the challenges and problems of organizations, providing the best management practices and the most up-to-date knowledge.



People are our main asset. We value the combination of talent and well-being, to overcome the most demanding challenges of our customers. Overcoming is our main source of motivation and energy.

We pride ourselves on promoting diversity in a permanent learning environment and appreciation.

People Policy

Our commitment to employee’s engagement is to guarantee:

  • 1. Happiness - Offer an entrepreneurial project in which people can grow and be happy.
  • 2. Equality - Guarantee the promotion of good practices of gender equality and equal treatment.
  • 3. Growth - Bet on individual growth and competences ongoing development in an integrated approach of career management.
  • 4. Recognition - Ensure that employees see their effort and dedication recognized alongside a fair and competitive remuneration.
  • 5. Team - Ensure a leadership that stimulates team work as the booster of the spirit of alliance, sharing and collective learning.
  • 6. Openness - Promote a transparent work environment which stimulates people to reveal their worries and anxieties without fear.
  • 7. Involvement - Give people a chance to get gradually involved in the Group businesses, by boosting the sharing of the technical career with the directing career.


Our DNA is what makes us unique. We have a unique organizational culture, guided by a code of ethics and business conduct and also guided by transparent principles and shared by all.

Genetic Code

The CH Corporate organizational culture is one of the differentiating factors recognized and appreciated by the market. Its DNA is printed by a set of genetic traits that define the Brand as an organization:

  • 1. Determination with which it embraces challenges and dedicates itself to eachproject;
  • 2. Innovation which allows it to stay in the forefront of its industry and that motivates it to continue looking for more, inspired by the ongoing improvement of all processes;
  • 3. The Agility it imposes when conducting the business and in the value proposals shared with the Market;
  • 4. Demanding in everything it delivers, in line with the Vision of Excellence it pursues;
  • 5. Learner by definition, always looking for new solutions, knowledge and paths;
  • 6. Focus on People in line with the best international management practices, having been awarded numerous and recurring prices and distinctions;
  • 7. Transparency in the way it conducts relations and businesses.



Our Quality and Environmental Management System is implemented in accordance with international standards ISO 9001 and 14001, and certified by SGS, an independent and internationally renowned certifying entity.

Quality Policy

Our mission is to enhance the performance of Organizations, developing and implementing solutions based on the principles of Quality.

  • 1. Clients’ satisfaction - Ensure that all the Group’s companies guide their activities towards the satisfaction of the needs and requirements of the organizations which are its clients, offering innovating solutions with high added values.
  • 2. Continuous learning - Stimulate the constant enhancement of their People`s knowledge and competences.
  • 3. Ethics - Maintain a posture of Honesty and Ethics at the professional and personal level, guided by the complete fulfilment of the Code of Ethics adopted by all the CH Group companies.
  • 4. Commitment with Stakeholders - Establish a relation of compromise with all Shareholders, Collaborators, Clients and Suppliers in order to ensure the Brand economic and financial sustainability.
  • 5. Continuous improvement - Continuously improve all processes in order achieve continuous improvement of the efficiency and the development of innovating methodologies, adapted to their clients’ needs.
  • 6. Leadership - Internally apply the best management practices through the involvement of all collaborators and the stimulus to personal creativity, versatility, responsibility and individual ability to adapt.
  • 7. CH Brand - Create a strong entrepreneurial Group that differentiates itself by the multiplicity and level of competencies, the ability to exceed expectations and the fondness for accepting new challenges.
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